Metodus Limited was established in 1994 as a consultancy firm, focussed on improving our clients’ competitiveness. We have now over 10 years of experience in implementing value added project management consultancy across a wide range of customers.

    Metodus Ltd. has become a market leading consultancy service in Hungary over the past years. The majority of our partners operate businesses and we also work with several municipalities and non-profit organizations.


    After years of successful business consulting, we have accumulated a diverse portfolio of experience. We are opening new frontieres in business investments, developing our own projects:

    • Aircraft Inspection System
    • Confectionery pastry manufacture
    • Private day-care facility.

    Quality policy

    Our company is committed to deliver the utmost quality in everything we do. We apply a high level internal function and communication policy to ensure these quality standards and procedures in our everyday working processes. The internal function is designed to support our experts’ insights and motivation, a great contribution to the company’s and customers’ success. Our flexibility in re-designing is another asset in remaining focused on long term goals. We aim to build long term business relationships, to maximize the synergy forming capacity of a valuable network of business leaders. A close cooperation with our clients stands for a reliable standard of service excellence. The team is honoured to be recognized by our customers for our commitment to their results. We are proud to have your trust, one of our major achievements that supports our market leading position.

    Managing partners of Metodus Ltd. are certified as Trusted Advisors by PÁTOSZ ( National Association of Project Development Professionals) since 2014.


    Project planning

    We believe that business planning is not a surplus but a vital necessity when assessing viability of a project. We focus on developing our clients’ ideas into viable, fruitful projects with our step by step guidance.

    Strategic consulting

    Strategy consulting service is aimed at improving our clients’ domestic and international competitiveness. We draw up a strategy and define the processes and tasks of its effective delivery.

    Marketing consultancy

    The necessity of a good solid marketing activity has been widely recognised amongst small and midsize enterprises in Hungary in recent years. Company strategy is vitally supported by the proper planning of marketing. Delivered as part of the package with a thorough market research, our clients are provided with a clear vision of positioning their product and services.

    Organisational development

    During assessment of operational structure, we identify weak points in the current planning of processes and formulate developmental scenarios. Building a new organisational plan includes defining the tasks of organization and improvements to be implemented. We chart the chain of command and reporting lines as well to match the newly established and improved organisational setup.

    Grant application consultancy

    After choosing the right call for application we assess our client’s eligibility in regard of the application criteria. Economy data of project is put through our scoring system to have a realistic assessment of expected success. Should the applicant not be eligible for any given call, we’ll notice our client at the next possible call for application they might be eligible for upon registered data.

    Project management

    Developmental work on a client’s project, involving the completion of business and feasibility studies, results in complex data, raw material of project management tasks that we turn into outcomes.

    Public procurement

    We can represent either contractor or contracting authority, with professional experience in public administration.

    Horizontal objectives consultancy

    For monitoring compliance with the horizontal principles we provide screening and situation analysis of our clients.

  • Nagy és Társa Bt.

    Capacity building investment

    Aid amount: 50.710.310 HUF

    Call for proposal: GINOP

    Year: 2015

    Hologén Környezetvédelmi Kft.

    Intensification of Wastewater Treatment using sono- photo-catalysation

    Aid amount: 186.400.00 HUF

    Call for proposal: GINOP

    Year: 2015

    Hungaro-Ventilátor Kft.

    Capacity building

    Aid amount: 64.301.353 HUF

    Call for proposal: GINOP

    Year: 2015

    Flame Spray Hungary Kft.

    Complex business technology development

    Aid amount: 176.304.222 HUF

    Call for proposal: KMOP

    Year: 2013

    BDO Magyarország Kft.

    Establishment of day-care facility

    Aid amount: 31.938.222 HUF

    Call for proposal: TÁMOP

    Year: 2012

    Kesztölci Day-Cares Non-profit Association

    Establishment of Gyöngyvirág, Tipegő, Bóbita day-cares

    Aid amount: 49.873.220 HUF

    Call for proposal: TÁMOP

    Year: 2012

    Gyöngy Szemek Foundation

    Establishment of Happy Kids Hungarian - English bilingual daycare

    Aid amount: 34.912.600 HUF

    Call for proposal: TÁMOP

    Year: 2012

    Az Újtelepi Emberek Egészsségéért Foundation

    Developing joint tourism on historic and natural heritage to promote active leisure in Sz-Sz and Bereg county

    Aid amount: 179.552 EUR

    Call for proposal: HUSKROUA/1001

    Year: 2010

    Rába Járműipari Holding Nyrt.

    Establishment of a development institution at R.F.

    Aid amount: 601.295. 530 HUF

    Call for proposal: GOP

    Year: 2009

    Tivadar Government

    Developing tourism on natural heritage in Szatmár-Bereg Nature Park

    Aid amount: 495.356.306 HUF

    Call for proposal: ÉAOP

    Year: 2009


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